Kei Catering Services accepts that genuine affirmative action is essential in the new South Africa business environment. Kei Catering Services does not believe in "affirmative window dressing" which it views as unhelpful to the organisation and to the indiviuals involoved. Advancements and promotions are based on the person's ability, rather than on tokenism.

Affirmative action at Kei Catering Services is a structured process aimed at ensuring that all employees are able to compete for opportunities and recognition on an equal basis.

Particular attention is given to employees who have been
disadvantaged in the past by political and social injustices or

From time to time the company may set goals with which to
monitor the progress made in the achievment of these objectives, but such goals are never allowed to subordinate the importance
of recognizing individual achievement, regardless of race, religion or sex.

In pursuing its affirmative action objectives, Kei Catering Services
adheres to the following guidelines:

Special development and training for disadvantaged
individuals to overcome historic backlogs through broad
-based upgrading of skills of disadvantaged individuals.
Elimination of discrimination based on race, sex, age or
religion and
Ensuring that recruitment and selection practices are fair
and unbiased.

Any contract that we are fortunate to acquire we subcontract at least 25% of the business to SMME's from the local community.

Kei Catering has successfully been involved in joint ventures with SMME's and this core principle of business will be expanded into any contract within any province of South Africa.

As Kei Catering Services understands the needs for job creation in order to simulate our country's economy. All of our unit's practise labour intensive activities and our functions division have a large number of temps available on order. Kei Catering Services cc has also initiated a training program to skill the local community that surrounds our particular unit.

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