Small Macro and Micro Enterprises

At the core of Kei Catering Services business policy lies the active support of SMME's within the regions that Kei Catering Services operates.

Within the support structure lie some key fundamentals:

Entry levels in terms that emerging black business can be prohibitive
Emerging black business has to from joint ventures with Kei Catering Services for effective skill transfers to take place
Kei Catering Services must always act in the role of
- End user
- Training centre for these emerging enterprises
Quality and service with the agreed initial tolerances must be consistently acceptable standards

Kei Catering Services has found that certain enrty barriers like skills, access to finance or credit, business acumen, distribution and service, accounting procedures and other aspects can hinder the selection of potential partnersfrom the SMME's stable.

In order to effectively manage these concerns and provide a solid base for this emerging sector of the South African economy, Kei Catering Services
has set up the following plan of action :
- Selection Criteria
- Short Term Goals
- Medium Term Goals
- Long Term Goals

In dealing with the Selection Criteria, it is Kei Catering Services' belief that these can be catagorised as follows :
- Track record and stability
- References from existing clients
- Sound Administration and accounting systems
- Price of commodities with built in tolerances

In dealing with price tolerances, Kei Catering Services believes that this factor can go as high as 12% to ensure support and growth for emerging black business.

Kei Catering Services is an equal oppertunity employer. Race, religion and gender play no part in its recruiting procedures. Its personnel profile reflects the ethnic mix of the geographical areas in which it operates. The breakdown of employees on its current payroll ( reflected as a percentage of total labour force ) is as follows:
. BLACK 80% 23.6% 56.4%
COLOURED 10.8% 1.35% 9.45%
WHITE 9.2% 2.6% 6.6%
TOTAL 100% 27.55% 72.45%
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